Published Studies

Sample studies and publications 

These are abstracts of our research products. The full archives can be found by clicking the link on the left. Please contact us for more information. 


May 2018 - Petrochemicals: Time to Stop Investing - Permanently? 

March 2018 - Ethylene - Investing In Uncertainty

November 2017 - What is Corporate "Self-Awareness"? Only the Most Important Success Factor

May 2017 - Making Money in Ethylene: Much Harder Than It Looks

April 2016 - Ethylene: Rewind to the 90s

March 2016 - Consolidation: The Time They Are A-Changin' - Again!

March 2016 - Pentant Chemicals Monthly

November 2015 - Researching Research

September 2015 - Pentant Chemicals Monthly

August 2015 - China: Not Just a Cyclical Story: Beware of the Secular Trends!

May 2015 - Corporate Complexity: Less is More

April 2015 - Capital Allocation: Giving it Back!

March 2015 - Is Your Optimisim Killing Your Performance?

January 2015 - The Ethylene Conundrum: Understanding the Moving Parts